Together, we can transform healthcare & improve patient outcomes.

The BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium transforms healthcare organizations by improving patient outcomes through a collaborative approach to Heart Failure accreditation, data-driven quality improvement methodologies, and patient-level predictive analytics.

Our model for healthcare seeks to unite community, hospitals, clinicians and science. Fueled by the innovative data and technology experts at Battelle, The BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium is positioned to define the field of healthcare predictive analytics. Our continuum of care model allows healthcare organizations to significantly improve patient outcomes.

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Join the BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium to collaborate, network, and share best practices in the pursuit of improved patient outcomes. Membership is extended to organizations that use our data-driven solutions:

Heart Failure Accreditation

Improve processes and outcomes in your adult and/or pediatric cardiac departments

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WayFinder™ Q.I. Dashboard

Improve outcomes using AHRQ data. Quickly analyze trends and easily compare your performance to other hospitals and health systems

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About The BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium

The BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium’s primary focus has been to improve the treatment of heart failure among its member hospitals through accreditation services, quality and process improvement, training, coaching, and community outreach. Recognizing that heart failure is a chronic disease, our model unites community, hospital, clinician, and science domains to deliver a continuum of care.

The BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium was acquired by Battelle in January 2014. Drawing on Battelle's experience with large scale data projects and technological innovations, the BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium expanded its product lines to include Analytics + Quality Improvement solutions, the WayFinder Q.I. Dashboard, and Clinical Predictive Analytics. While heart failure remains a core competency, these new data-driven solutions will improve patient outcomes and provide measurable value to healthcare organizations, such as increased reimbursement rates and reduced patient cost.

The Leadership Team

Jeff Lewis, MBOE, BSN, RN, LSSBB

Coach and Senior Consultant - Member ServicesRead More

Sean Deegan

Senior Account Executive – Quality Improvement AnalyticsRead More

Susan Robbins

Senior Director – Performance Improvement and AnalyticsRead More

Sara Wilson

Member Services ManagerRead More


BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium

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