BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium

The Battelle Healthcare Colloquium can assist your organization in improving what matters most, patient outcomes. With membership of over 50 distinguished adult and pediatric hospitals, including 11 of the top pediatric heart programs as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, we enable team work between members to share and create best practices to provide the best possible care.

Our Heart Failure Accreditation model seeks to unite community, hospitals, clinicians and science. Using our coaching based methodologies and accessing some of the most preeminent hospitals and clinicians in the country, we work one on one with hospitals to successfully meet their heart failure care goals.

Some accreditations set guidelines and check boxes. We work hand in hand with hospitals to help identify improvement opportunities, provide best practices and strategies to improve processes and achieve best possible outcomes.

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BATTELLE Healthcare Colloquium

505 King Ave.
Columbus, OH 43201